September, 2 2019

On the first academic day, September, 2 2019, an official initiation ceremony for the first-year students of the Faculty of Transport and Information Technologies took place. Mykola Dmytrychenko, Rector of National Transport University, Viktor Danchuk, Dean of the Faculty of Transport and Information Technologies, Oksana Kudryavtseva, Head of Youth and Sports Department of Pecherskyi District State Administration in Kyiv and the Council of students’ self-government actively supported the event. This meeting was held at the premises of Pecherskyi District State Administration in Kyiv.

The meeting was organized by creative students’ team of the Faculty of Transport and Information Technologies led by the Head of Social activities at the faculty Tetyana Anufrieeva. They prepared numerous entertainments, interesting and useful information about the University, quests, a quiz, workshops and so forth. The first-year students also had a chance to show their creative abilities and talents.

The concert programme consisted of four main parts. At first, the freshmen got acquainted with creative team of our faculty, in particular with their students’ mentors.

After introduction the freshmen were offered to complete a quest. It consisted of ten stations, at each of which the students had to complete a certain task. Each of the twelve teams received a map of all stations, for successful completion of which the students received points. It is worth mentioning that the majority of stations were directly related to majors of the freshmen: the students went through Customs, assembled computers, guessed a code, checked road signs, travelled through European countries, composed rap songs and listened to music. During the quest there was a pleasant surprise – Perekus (Snack) location, where the first-year students were supposed to have some snacks and get energy for the remaining tasks. There was a large-scale station where the students jointly created a contemporary art object, a map of Ukraine, where each freshman recreated his/her hometown or village.

After all the teams had completed the quest and all the points had been given, it was time for the third part of the programme – the performance of the first-year students. A few days before the initiation ceremony, each of the group got a mentor from among the students whose task was to prepare freshmen for the performance, and the topic of the presentation was also selected. The performances were evaluated by our friends, active students from other faculties: Platon Kalytyuk,  Alina Buryak, Anastasia Polishchuk, Andriy Boyko and Inna Kurian.

When all the teams had performed, the jury counted the total score. Meanwhile, the students continued to amaze the audience with stirring dances and beautiful songs. And so, when the total score had been calculated, it was time to announce the winners of the competition: the first place took group VP-1-1 (mentor Afonin Vladimir RT-1-1m), the second place – KN-1-1,2 (mentors Kornienko Roman KN -4-1 and Yaroshenko Bohdan KN (IBK) -2-2), the third place – MS-1-1 (mentor Vetukh Olesya TT (MS) -2-1). The winners received a Freshman Cup, and thanks to the sponsors, all winners received refreshments.

Finally, the audience, along with the winners and the creative team, warmly performed the traditional song Sansara.

May the fire lit in the eyes and hearts of the first-year students during this meeting never extinguish, may it always be with them throughout their student life.

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