Petro Riurykovych Iliushyn is the head of the driver training center of National Transport University.

The driver training center of National Transport University invites students to get the following driving categories:

  • Training of category A1, B, C1, C drivers;
  • A refresher course for category D drivers.

There are the following facilities and resources in the driver training center:

  • A classroom for learning road traffic rules and regulations;
  • A classroom for learning vehicle structure and road and driving safety;
  • IT classes for practicing road traffic rules;
  • An auto laboratory.

The driver training center has its own car-testing track for practical trainings.

The training in center is given on modern vehicles: cars, trucks and buses.

The training is provided by the following instructors:

  • Olexandr Ivanovych Melnychenko, Ph.D. in Engineering, Professor, specializes in road traffic regulations;
  • Vadym Ihorovych Syrota, Ph.D. in Engineering, Professor, specializes in the vehicle structure;
  • Yuriy Khomych Savin, Ph.D. in Engineering, Associate Professor, specializes in road and driving safety;
  • Yuriy Magomedovych Magomayev, a category 1 engineer;
  • Petro Riurykovych Iliushyn, a category 1 engineer;
  • Yuriy Petrovych Dovbiy, a driving instructor;
  • Mykola Volodymyrovych Sikalo, a driving instructor;
  • Valeriy Romanovych Derkach, a driving instructor;
  • Yevgeniy Mykhailovych Tymoschuk, a driving instructor.

Address: Office 102, 32 I. Kudri Str., Kyiv,
Phone: (044) 285-61-44
E-mail: autoschool.ntu@gmail.com

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