bondar-n-nBondar Natalia Mykolaiivna is the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Law, Doctor of Science in Economics, Professor of the Department of Management.

Deputy Deans:

Yarova-r-vYarova Ruslana Vasylivna is PhD in Law, Associate Professor of the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law. She is responsible for organizing and planning of the academic process for students majoring in Law and Philology. She is in charge of educational work with junior students.

Kruvenko-o-kKryvenko Olena Kostiantynivna is Senior Lecturer of the Department of Economics. She is responsible for organizing and planning of the academic process for students majoring in Business Economics, International Economics and Vocational Education.

The History of the Faculty of Economics and Law

In accordance with the order of the USSR Minister of Higher and Vocational Secondary Education the Faculty of Economics and Engineering was founded at Kyiv Automobile and Highway Institute on May 19, 1965. In 1984 the faculty was renamed into the Faculty of Economics and Road Transport Maintenance, in 1993 it became the Faculty of Transport Management, in 2006 – the Faculty of Economics, Management and Law. According to the order of the rector the Faculty of Economics, Management and Law was divided into the Faculty of Economics and Law and the Faculty of Management, Logistics and Tourism as a result of optimizing the structure of National Transport University on April 11, 2016.

Special field-oriented departments of the faculty were formed and developed by prominent scientists and experts, professors and associate professors, who dedicated their work to training highly qualified economists for the transport sector, namely Y. I. Nesvitsky, V. Y. Bobrov, I. P. Sova, M. N. Bidniak, O. A. Ludchenko,    V. L. Varshavets, H. F. Boyko, T. O. Zdereva, L. S. Chesnakova, L. S. Kozak,          N. A. Borovyk. A lot of efforts were made by P. R. Levkovets, I. P. Holosnichenko and A. A. Kozlovsky in the development of legal education at National Transport University.

Over the years of its functioning, since 1965, the administering departments have trained more than 20,000 professionals.

Academic Process at the Faculty

Today, the Faculty of Economics and Law trains specialists in Economics (with specializations in Business Economics and International Economics), Law (with specialization in Legal science), Philology (English) (with specialization in technical translation), Vocational Education (transport).

More detailed information about these specializations you may get at the web-site of the University Courses.

All specialties of the Faculty of Economics and Law are accredited at the highest fourth level, which enables students to undertake Bachelor or Master level study.

The training of academic staff, PhDs and Doctors of Economics (Doctors of Science), is conducted at the faculty. There is a Thesis Committee for presentation of Candidate of Science and Doctor of Science theses in 08.00.04 Economics and Business Administration at the faculty.

14 professors, including 12 PhDs, 58 associate professors, 19 senior lecturers, 32 assistant lecturers (more than 60% of them being Candidates of Science) are involved in the scientific, educational and methodological provision of the educational process.

The academic process at the faculty is provided by five departments and a law clinic:

Department of Economics. The Head of the Department is Kozak Ludmyla Stepanivna, Candidate of Science in Economics, Professor, Honored Employee of National Education of Ukraine (department phone number: 280-13-16).

Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law. The Head of the Department is Kozlovsky Anton Antonovych, Doctor of Law, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, Professor (department phone number: 280-24-81).

Department of Theory and History of State and Law. The Head of the Department is Khoroshun Borys Ivanovych, Doctor of Science in History, Professor, Honored Employee of National Education of Ukraine (department phone number: 284-68-07).

Department of Philosophy and Pedagogy. The Head of the Department is Bohachevska Iryna Viktorivna, Doctor of Science in Philosophy, Professor (department phone number: 280-52-65).

Department of Foreign Languages and Translation. The Head of the Department is Shevchuk Lesia Oleksiivna, Candidate of Science in Pedagogy, Associate Professor (department phone number: 285-20-70).

There is a law clinic as part of the Faculty of Economics and Law. The clinic offers opportunities for students majoring in Law to gain practical knowledge and to improve their theoretical knowledge (e-mail: lawclinicntu@ukr.net; law clinic website: http://lawclinicntu.wix.com/university-landing-p).

As of today, about 1100 students study at the Faculty of Economics and Law. During the years of their studies they acquire not only fundamental theoretical training, practical knowledge and skills in different areas of state, business and educational activities, but they also nourish leadership skills, they learn how to think outside the box and make difficult decisions. The best graduates of the Faculty are recommended to do a PhD program.

The University departments work closely with well-known international and domestic companies, associations and enterprises, including Deloitte international advisory company, the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, UkrAVTO Inc., AIS Inc., Niko Inc., Eurocar LLC, Kyivpastrans municipal enterprise, Ukrainian transport insurance company CJSC, Rapid PJSC, the Ukrainian State Agency of Highways, the Association of International Road Carriers, etc. This allows our students not only to do industrial training but to be employed in a chosen speciality.

In September, 2016, the memorandum of cooperation between the Coordination Council of Young Lawyers of Kyiv of the Main Territorial Department of Justice in Kyiv and NTU was signed.

Along with academic activities educational activities are also carried out at the faculty. Academic group mentors are enthusiastically working. The patriotic and civic education is conducted amongst students: meetings with prominent compatriots, defenders of Ukraine are held; voluntary work is conducted in orphanages and boarding schools.

Every year the faculty solemnly holds the Days of Ukrainian Literature and Language in which students take an active part.

Scientific Work at the Faculty

The researchers of the faculty take an active part in conducting research. This is acknowledged by the multitude of research that has been completed and is ongoing,   including: the mechanisms of partnership of state and private capital in ensuring the development and efficient operation of the transport industry of Ukraine; models of partner interaction of the state and the private sector in the transport sector; management of investment and innovation activities of motor transport enterprises; development of organizational and economic principles of transport enterprises in terms of risk and implementation of innovative projects; development of methodological foundations of economic security at the enterprise.  The researchers’ outcomes result in a number books and articles, and certificates of authorship that our researchers have received.

In cooperation with the Faculty of Management, Logistics and Tourism we issue the scientific journal Economics and Management on Transport.

Every year the faculty holds a scientific conference of teaching staff, where PhD students, postgraduate and undergraduate students participate.

International Co-operation

Faculty of Economics and Law maintains close relations with universities of Ukraine and the CIS countries, including Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University, Vinnitsa Polytechnic University, Belarusian National Technical University (Minsk, Belarus), Gomel State Technical University named after P. O. Suhoho (Gomel, Belarus), Kiev National Economic University, etc.

The faculty keeps terms with the Zhylino Institute of Transport and Communications (Zhylino, Slovakia) regarding students’ exchange programmes.

Students Self-Government

The Faculty of Economics and Law Council has  Students Self-government, whose main task is to protect the rights and interests of students;  to assist in educational, research and creative activities of students; to make sure that the students perform their duties; to facilitate the formation of necessary conditions for living and leisure; to keep the terms with the students of other educational institutions and youth organizations; to take an active part in the realization of the state youth policy; to facilitate healthy lifestyle.

Participation in Students Self-government makes it possible for students to nourish their leadership skills, to develop team management skills.

It is worth mentioning that no faculty event can do without Students Self-government.

Student Life

Out-of-the-town students can live in a dormitory on the NTU campus, located in the Pechersk district of Kyiv.

There is a sports complex with a large game room, a swimming pool (25 m), a fitness room, a combat hall, and a gym on the NTU campus. There is also an open playground for playing mini-football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, doing fitness training in the sports complex.

The university has two canteens and buffets in both institutional buildings.

There are various forms of leisure-time activities for students at the faculty. Students take an active part in various contests and competitions.

The University has a motocross and a badminton clubs: Mountain Hiking informal tourist centre. There is also a driver training centre for category A1, B, C1, C drivers.

International Cooperation