Yarova Ruslana Vasylivna is the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Law, PhD in Law, Associate Professor.

Deputy Deans:

Cheban Olesia Mykhailivna is PhD in Law, Associate Professor of the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law. She is responsible for organizing and planning the academic process in the specialties: 081 «Law» (the academic program «Legal Science») and 035 «Philology» (the educational and vocational program «Philology (German Languages and Literatures (including Translation), the first language – English)». She is in charge of educational work with junior students. She is an Academic Secretary of the Faculty Council of Economics and Law.

Komchatnykh Olena Viktorivna is PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Economics. She is responsible for organizing and planning the academic process in the specialties: 051 «Enterprise Economy», «International Economics», «Personnel Management», «Labor Economics», «Business – Economics», «Economic and Legal Business Provision», «Business-Analytics») and 015 «Vocational Education» (the academic program «Vocational Education (Transport)». She is in charge of organizational work with the faculty students.

The History of the Faculty of Economics and Law

In accordance with the order of the USSR Minister of Higher and Vocational Secondary Education, the Faculty of Economics and Engineering was founded at Kyjiv Automobile and Highway Institute (KAHI) on May 19, 1965. The faculty as well as a number of specialties have repeatedly been renamed since then. The Faculty of Economics and Law was founded in April, 2016 by means of reorganizing the Faculty of Economics, Management and Law.

Over the years of its functioning, since 1965, the administering departments have trained more than 20,000 professionals.


At present, the Faculty of Economics and Law trains specialists in the following specialties:

  • Specialty 015 «Vocational Education (with specializations) » (the academic program «Vocational Education (Transport)»).
  • Specialty 035 «Philology» (the academic program: «Philology (German Languages and Literatures (including Translation), the first language – English»).
  • Specialty 051 «Economics» (the academic programs: «Enterprise Economy», «International Economics», «Personnel Management and Labor Economics», «Business-Economics», «Economic and Legal Business Provision», «Business-Analytics»).
  • Specialty 081 «Law» (the academic program «Legal Science»).

More detailed information about the specialties can be found on the University Specialties Web-page.

All specialties at the Faculty of Economics and Law are accredited that enables students to obtain high quality training at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD’s in Economics levels of study.

The best faculty graduates are recommended to do the PhD course.

The faculty departments provide the review and renewal of academic programs to meet the latest educational trends and employers’ needs. Either the students or the academic staff, providing the educational process, are engaged in the discussion of the initiated changes.

The academic process at the faculty is provided by four departments and a law clinic:

Department of Economics. The Head of the Department is Kozak Ludmyla Stepanivna, PhD in Economics, Professor, Honored Employee of National Education of Ukrajina (department phone number: 280-13-16).

Department of Foreign Philology and Translation. The Head of the Department is Shevchuk Lesia Oleksiivna, PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor (department phone number: 285-20-70).

Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law. The Head of the Department is Shatilo Volodymyr Anatoliyovych, Doctor of Science in Law, Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukrajina, (department phone number: 280-24-81).

Department of Philosophy and Pedagogy. The Head of the Department is Bohachevska Iryna Viktorivna, Doctor of Science in Philosophy, Professor (department phone number: 280-52-65).

Law Clinic is a foundation to gain experience and improve knowledge of students in the «Law» specialty (e-mail: lawclinicntu@ukr.net).

The Faculty departments maintain close relations with the Ukrajinian Federation of Transport Employers, well-known international and domestic companies, associations and enterprises, including Deloitte international advisory company, the Ukrajinian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, «UkrAVTO» Inc., «AIS» Inc., «Niko» Inc., «Eurocar» LLC, «Kyjivpastrans» municipal enterprise, «Ukrajinian transport insurance company CJSC», Kyjiv «Rapid PJSC» manufacturing company, the Ukrajinian State Agency of Highways, the Association of International Road Carriers, institutions of vocational (vocational and technical) education, a renowned translation agency, UGEN employment company and other organizations. This allows our students not only to do industrial training but to be employed in a chosen speciality.

According to the memorandum of cooperation between Kyjiv Coordination Council of Young Lawyers under the Head Territorial Department of Justice in Kyjiv and National Transport University signed on September 3, 2016, the students of the «Law» specialty have an opportunity to complete an internship in legal institutions.

The Council of Student Self-government works enthusiastically at the Faculty of Economics. An active participation in Student Self-government bodies allows students to nourish their leadership qualities and to develop team management skills.

The faculty students spend their leisure time in sport and creative clubs, take part in contests and competitions between faculty groups and other university faculties.

The faculty students contribute a lot in conducting research. About 80-90 students make their research reports on a solemn Day of Science that is held annually.

The faculty students are members of many International and All-Ukrajinian student contests and Olympiads. They participate in International economic forum sessions, in Ukrajinian university law clinics competitions, etc. Thus, the students of the «International Economics» specialty became finalists of investment research contest – CFA Institute Research Challenge 2019 and rated the fifth of the top 29 competing Ukrajinian university teams. The faculty is proud of its students’ sport achievements. There are many winners and prizewinners of All-Ukrajinian and European competitions.


The faculty of Economics and Law conducts international activities on a regular basis. The faculty departments participate in the International project  Erasmus+ « New Management Mechanisms of Partnership and Standartization for the Academic Staff Vocational Training in Ukraine» (PAGOSTE, 609536-EPP-1-2019-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP). In the framework of the project, the faculty became an organizer of the Round table «Vocational Education Academic Staff Training Management: compromise in interests of the parties concerned». Under the project, both lecturers and students have been applying for an internship in higher education institutions of Rome (Italy), Vienna (Austria) and Constanz (Germany) in the period of 2020-2023.

The Faculty of Economics and Law is an initiator of the annual International Scientific and Practical Conference «Innovative Solutions in Modern Science, Education and Practice». The active participants of the conference are not only scientists, students and national or foreign university post-graduates but also experts-practitioners who represent stakeholders of the academic programs.

The Faculty of Economics and Law facilitates cultural relations with foreign higher education institutions: University of Rzeszów (Poland), Rzeszów University of Technology (Poland), Umeå University (Sweden), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway), Varna University of Management (Bulgaria) and with Ukrajinian universities: Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University, Kyjiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman, Vinnycja National Technical University, State University of Infrastructure and Technologies, Zaporizhzhja National University, National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukrajina, National Aviation University, Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, Ukrajinian Engineering Pedagogics Academy, South Ukrajinian National Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushynsky and others.

Address: 01010 Ukrajina, Kyjiv city, Mykhaila Omelianovycha-Pavlenka St,, Block 1, Office 207
Phone: (044)-288-71-00
E-mail: dekanat.fep.ntu@gmail.com

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