Training of research and academic staff

Postgraduate activity in Ukraine is regulated by the Provision on the training of research and academic staff that was approved by Resolution № 309 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 01 March 1999.

The Doctoral Studies Division at National Transport University has worked successfully since 1947.

Scientific specialties transformation for the training of NTU higher education applicants

Scientific specialty (2011 list) Scientific specialty (2016 list)
01.02.04 Mechanics of Deformed Solid Body 113 Applied Mathematics
01.02.05 Fluid and Plasma Mechanics
05.02.04 Friction and Wear In Machines 131 Applied Mechanics
05.23.17 Building Mechanics
05.05.03 Engines and Power Systems 142 Power Engineering
05.13.06 Information Technologies 122 Computer Science and Information Technologies
05.13.07 Automation of Management Processes 151 Automation and Computer-integrated Technologies
05.13.22 Project and Program Management 073 Management

124 System Analysis

05.22.02 Automobiles and Tractors 274 Motor Transport

113 Industrial Engineering

05.22.11 Motorways and Airdromes 192 Construction and Civil Engineering
05.23.01 Engineering Structures and Buildings
05.23.17 Building Mechanics
05.23.05 Building Materials and Products
05.23.16 Fluid Mechanics and Engineering Hydrology
05.22.01 Transport Systems 275 Transport Technologies (their types)

073 Management

05.22.20 Vehicles Operation and Maintenance
08.00.04 Economics and Business Management 051 Economics

Specialized Scientific Councils

Specialized Scientific Council Code Scientific Specialty Code and Name
D 26.059.01 05.13.06 – Information Technologies

05.13.22 – Project and Program Management

D 26.059.02 05.22.01 – Transport Systems

05.22.11 – Motorways and Airdromes

05.23.17 – Building Mechanics

D 26.059.03



05.02.04 – Friction and Wear In Machines

05.05.03 – Engines and Power Systems

05.22.02 – Automobiles and Tractors

05.22.20 – Vehicles Operation and Maintenance

K 26.059.04 08.00.04 – Economics and Business Management

Four specialized scientific councils for the defense of theses on 10 specialties have been formed at the university and have successfully worked. Three of them are empowered for the defense of both PhD and Doctoral theses, and one council is responsible for admitting theses defense to get a scientific degree of PhD.

Postgraduate and Doctorate training is carried out

1) at the expense of:

  • State Budget of Ukraine – the state order for work in the public sector of economy;
  • Bodies corporate and physical persons – on the terms of a contract – for work in public and private sectors of economy;

2) foreigners and non-resident persons on the grounds of:

  • International treaties of Ukraine;
  • National programs;
  • Contracts signed by the higher education and academic institutions with bodies corporate and physical persons.

Requirements for postgraduate entrance to the course

The citizens of Ukraine who have higher education and Specialist’s or Master’s degrees can enter the postgraduate course with and without discontinuing work. The postgraduate activity is carried out only according to the designated purpose of the university departments and other universities of the country, enterprises and organizations. Postgraduates’ training for enterprises and organizations, universities of private ownership stipulates the reimbursement of costs to the university.

According to the Scientific Council decision the average score of the academic degree is taken into account along with the entrance exams scores during the selection to the postgraduate course.

Training term for postgraduates is 4 years.

Entrance Requirements for the Postgraduate course of National Transport University in 2016


The list of enrolled full-time and part-time postgraduates who shall study at the expense of  state budget, physical persons and bodies corporate:

The list of enrolled postgraduates (Order № 465)

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