Olha Shevchenko –  acting head of the legal department of the National Transport University, senior lecturer of the department of constitutional and administrative law.

The Legal Department is a structural division of the University, which operates on the basis of the Regulations on the Legal Department of the National Transport University approved by the Academic Council of the University and put into effect by the rector’s order.


The main functions of the legal department:

  1. Ensures the correct application of normative legal acts and other documents at the university, submits proposals to the rector regarding the resolution of legal issues related to the university’s activities;
  2. Develops and participates in the development of draft acts and other documents on university activities;
  3. Approves (endorses) drafts of acts and other documents prepared by structural units of the university. In the case of detection of inconsistency of the project of the act or other document with the requirements of the legislation – submits to the interested structural unit motivated proposals for bringing it into compliance with the legislation or thorough editorial processing;
  4. Conducts, together with the structural divisions of the university (in accordance with the competence of the department), work on the revision of acts and other documents in order to bring them into compliance with the legislation;
  5. Participates in ensuring the protection of property rights and legal interests of the university in case of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of contractual obligations;
  6. Organizes claim and lawsuit work, conducts analysis of its results;
  7. Monitors compliance by structural subdivisions with the procedure for presenting and considering claims established by the university;
  8. Contributes to the timely taking of measures to eliminate violations specified in the documents of the prosecutor’s response, court decisions, relevant documents of law enforcement and control bodies;
  9. Contributes to the observance of legality in the implementation of the rights of the labor team;
  10. Provides legal assistance to university employees and students who need social protection.

Address: room 415, 1, M. Omelianovycha-Pavlenka Str., Kyiv.
Phone: +38 (044) 280-53-26
E-mail: o.shevchenko@ntu.edu.ua

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