Reporting and Election Conference of the Trade Union Organization at National Transport University

On September 27, 2019 a reporting and election conference of the primary trade union organization of the employees of National Transport University took place.  177 representatives of all structural units were nominated to be conference delegates. The report on the activity of the trade union committee for the previous last five years and the report of the Audit Commission were presented. During the discussion, the floor was given to the Prof. Mykola Dmytrychenko, the Rector of National Transport University, who ...

Ukravtodor offered congratulations on the 75th anniversary of the University

On September, 27, 2019, during the staff conference at National Transport University on the initiative of Prof. Mykola Dmytrychenko a meeting with Slawomir Novak, the head of the  Ukravtodor State Motorway Agency , took place. Slawomir Novak presented a programme ‘Ukrainian Motorways Development Strategy for 2019-2024’. For many years of diligent work, high professionalism, active participation in research work, considerable contribution to training of highly-qualified workforce for motorway complex of ...

Implementing the special mobility strand of teachers under the SmaLog Erasmus + project

Within the framework of staff mobility implementation, open lectures were held by professors of Ingegneria faculty, Department of Enterprise Engineering, University of Rome Tor Vergata, at the National Transport University. The topics of the lectures were devoted to the key issues of the "Smart Transport and Logistics for Cities" direction, which is being implemented by the project, namely: Lecture 1 - OD matrices, Exercises Lecture 2 - Supply model, Exercises Lecture 3 - Path choice Assign. Models Exercises Lecture ...

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