Division structure

Volodymyr Fedorovych Artemchuk is the Head of Technical Facilities Division

Mykola Andriyovych Solohub is a Deputy Head of Technical Facilities Division

Olexandr Oleksiyovych Kuchmarenko is an engineer of Technical Facilities Division

Technical Facilities Division is a structural unit of National Transport University, which exercises educational and methodological, research and methodological, operational functions to improve the education process through implementation of progressive teaching methods and technical facilities in cooperation with the NTU methodological committees, faculties and departments.

The main functions of Technical Facilities Division are as follows:

  • To organize the use of modern technical facilities with necessary didactic materials, facilitating the efficacy of teaching in the educational process at the university;
  • To provide the university support and academic staff with training in the use of modern equipment in the educational process;
  • To research the main trends in application of technical facilities to the educational process as well as stages of development and production of new technical facilities;
  • To collect and systemize equipment request forms and to design a schedule for their use ;
  • To organize the educational process and maintain auditorium equipment in the university lecture halls.

Regulations on Technical Facilities Division

International Cooperation