Division structure:

Nadia Volodymyrivna Sarzhynska is the Head of Industrial Training Division

Tetiana Anatoliivna Chop is a methodologist

The main tasks and functions of Quality Assurance Division are as follows:

  • To prepare documentation for registration and licensing of new courses;
  • To run series of preliminary actions connected with the accreditation of the university and its courses;
  • To monitor the validation of the university licenses and certificates and to re-register them if they expire;
  • To organize and carry out the Rector’s and complex tests;
  • To develop and carry out activities connected with the formation of a higher education quality assurance system in the university in accordance with the state requirements, criteria of national and European accreditation systems, procedures of international educational programs recognition (Act of Ukraine «On Higher Education», Article 16, provision 2);
  • To carry out marketing research on the University prospects in providing certain educational services;
  • To elaborate methodological principles in cooperation with Academic Services Directorate and Educational Policy and Methods Division;
  • To organize students industrial training, involving the search of enterprises, companies or institutions ( employers);
  • To work towards employability of the university graduates;
  • To inform annually the university staff and students about the work done by posting the report on the website and in other information resources.

Regulations on Quality Assurance Division.

Address: office 323, 1, M. Omelianovycha-Pavlenka Str., Kyiv
Phone: (044) 280-68-19

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