Excursion to Governmental Building and Museum of History of Ukrainian Governments

On November 8, the students of National Transport University visited the Governmental Building. The excursion started with “corridors of power” in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, where the students observed the operation of this organization from the inside and had an opportunity to visit the Press Center of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Then the students visited an exhibition in the Museum of History of Ukrainian Governments, where the students learned about the activities of the governments on the territory of modern Ukraine since 1917 to the present day. Here, the students were able to get acquainted with materials related to the activities of former government leaders, in particular with copies of documents, awards and photographs.  A marvelous excursion was conducted, providing brief information about leaders of Ukrainian governments, the peculiarities of their leadership and interesting stories related to them.

A reconstructed interior of the office of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR in one of the rooms of the Museum deeply impressed the students. The students had an opportunity to sit in the chair of the Head and imagined themselves as the Governor of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR.

In the hall devoted to the period of independent Ukraine, the students got acquainted with the text of the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine adopted on August 24, 1991, from the original copy of Uriadovy Kuryer, and materials devoted to the activities of the first Prime-Minister of independent Ukraine – Witold Fokin.

The students with considerable interest observed an exposition of gifts to the county received by the leaders and members of the Ukrainian government.

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