Monitoring of the Erasmus + Tempus CERES (Kyiv) project with the representatives of the Erasmus+ in Ukraine National Office

On November 23, 2018 a monitoring meeting of the executives of the project, TEMPUS CERES Centers of Excellence for Young Researcher Ref.No.544137-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-SK-TEMPUS-JPHES with the representatives of the National Office  of Erasmus + in Ukraine was hold in the Academic Council Hall.

On agenda there was monitoring of impact – the evaluation of obtained results of the completed project and ensuring their sustainability. The purpose of the monitoring was to get acquainted with the developments, “products” and project results, application of the purchased equipment to the educational process, to study the main evidence of the impact of the project, the implementation of the Distribution Plan and the Sustainability Plan.

The monitoring meeting was attended by both project executors from National Transport University and other Ukrainian University-participants – Zaporizhzhya National University and  National Metallurgical Academy.  Svetlana Shitikova , Project Coordinator;  Veronika Tkachenko and Kateryna Zhdanova, project managers, attended the meeting on behalf of the National Office of  Erasmus+ in Ukraine. The project executors from Ukraine gave presentations, documents and materials on implementation, post-project dissemination and ensuring the sustainability of project results.

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