Winners of the snow and ice sculpture contest

On New Year Eve, between December 22 th and  26th, Bukovel, a sport and tourist center, was hosting a snow and ice sculputre contest. Famous sculptors, lecturers and students of Arts educational establishments of Ukraine participated in this contest.

Lavina, a team from Kyiv, was among the teams, which had been selected by the event managers. The members of this team were famous Ukrainian sculptors Ludmyla and Yuryi Myskiv as well as a representative of the Department of Computer, Engineering Graphics and Design, a senior lecturer and sculptor Mykola Lampeka.

The artists created Paradise, a composition involving the following elements: Adam and Eve, God’s chair and Ice Apple with the Serpent. In addition, they artistically decorated the walls and entrance to the premises, where sculptures were presented.

It was Lavina who won the first place and the Cup of the Snow and Ice Sculpture Contest for their creation.

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