Selection of participants for the internship

Announced the selection of participants for the internship on the international project “SmaLog” Erasmus + / КА2.

The international project “SmaLog” Erasmus + / KA2 in the National Transport University implements the Department of Transport Systems and Road Safety.


For participating to the selection the following requirement are asked:

  • To be academic staff from the Georgian and Ukrainian universities/academy partners of SmaLog
  • To have a work agreement with the institution to which the application is submitted; the work agreement must end not later than two years after the end of SmaLog or a declaration from the institution that it is available to continue collaboration for not later than two years after the end of SmaLog
  • To be involved in SmaLog programme as professor or lecture
  • To have experience in the topic of modules of SmaLog
  • To held a Master degree or equivalent academic title
  • To have adequate knowledge of English

The conditions for selecting participants are set out in the enclosed “Call for the INTERNSHIP

Applications are accepted until 12.10.18

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