Ukraine Local Final of 2019 CFA Institute Research Challenge

On March 01, 2019  2 teams from National Transport University  participated in the Ukraine Local Final of 2019 CFA Institute Research Challenge.

This year 180 students  from 25 leading Universities in 12 regions of Ukraine participated in the 2019 CFA Institute Research Challenge – the most prestigious world-wide student competition in investment research.

Two teams from National Transport University: the Department of Finance, Accounting and Auditing (mentor Nazarenko Yaroslava Yaroslavivna), the Department of Economics (mentor Boiko Viktoriia Valeriivna) were among 30 teams of students that got into the final.

It was the first time NTU students have taken part in the contest where they were supposed to do their projects and defend them in English with the jury consisting of representatives from leading investment companies and the National bank of Ukraine.

We sincerely congratulate the University team and wish them to reach their goals and move forward with new challenging projects.

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