English Olympiad

Holding the annual English Olympiad by the Department of Foreign Languages has become a good tradition. The objective of the Olympiad is to improve skilled professionals training quality, identify endowed college youth and stimulate students to creative activities. Everyone willing to participate had the opportunity to try their hand in the Olympiad. Knowledge and erudition brought twenty-one intellectual contest participants together and it was held on November 8th, 2018 within the National Transport University premises. A total of 21 students entered for the first stage of the competition. The event was arranged in order to improve the competence of students, motivate them, increase their interest in English and choose the most talented ones to take part in the following Olympiad stages. The Olympiad materials comprised of the assignments aiming to assess four language activities: listening, reading, writing and speaking. All the participants showed high level of knowledge, ability to comprehend, proficiency in multidisciplinary lexical usage in different language situations. The best students fulfilled complicated assignments which required deep subject knowledge. Thus, the student Sergiy Velivskiy (majoring in Mechanical Engineering) made his best at showing his skills in English and took the first place correspondingly. The second place went to Ksenia Chechil (majoring in International Economics) and the third one was won by Aliona Aleksenko (majoring in International Economics). National Transport University students are the Ukrainian society elite and the university is proud of their talents.

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