Humour League Cup at NTU

On November 15, 2018, immediately after the first snow, the gala hall of the University hosted the first Humour Leage Cup.

Six teams consisting of students from different faculties, years of study and groups took part in the competition.

The host Nataliia Ampleeva, Director of Student Leasure Center, explained the rules of the competition and introduced the coaches.

The teams:

The first team “Faino Ye”;

The second team “Noski prostranstva i vremeni”;

The third team “Vnezapnyi Leshch”;

The fourth team “Sorri papa”;

The fifth team “Khto eti liudi”;

The last team, but not the least is “Belii Naliv”.

Two teams got to the battle:  “Noski prostranstva i vremeni” and “Faino Ye”.

5 out of 6 teams found their coaches.

And now they all together will be getting ready for coming battles.

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