General Assembly (Conference) of the members of the Transport Academy of Ukraine

On June 7, 2019, National Transport University hosted a General Assembly (Conference) of the Transport Academy of Ukraine (TAU). About 70 full members, corresponding members, and academic advisers, representatives of all scientific centers of the Academy, including heads of educational establishments and scientific organizations, enterprises and road and transportation area of Ukraine took part in the work of the Conference. The first Minister of Transport of Ukraine Orest Klympush also attended the Conference.

The following issues were on the agenda: reports of the heads of scientific centers of TAU on the results of their work in 2018, a report of Auditing Committee, the results of the second competition for the best scientific work of the TAU in textbook/manual nomination, election of new members of the TAU, discussion and approval of the new composition of the TAU’s panel, etc.

The President of National Transport Academy, Academician Mykola Dmytrychenko welcomed the participants of the Conference. In his report, he mentioned the major achievements of the Academy in 2018.

The heads of scientific centers presented detailed reports on the results of the Academy members’ work.

The reports of the President of the Academy, Academician Mykola Dmytrychenko and the heads of the centers: Vice-President of the Academy, Academician A. Redziuk, Vice-President of the Academy, Academician A. Turenko, representative of South scientific center, Academician O. Niemchuk, representative of East scientific center, Academician M. Khachapuridze, Vice-head of West scientific center, Academician I. Vikovych and Head of Auditing Committee V. Sakhno were heard. The Conference adopted the following resolution:

  • to approve the reports of the heads of the scientific heads and Auditing Committee;
  • to ensure implementation of regulations on National Transport Strategy of Ukraine for the period of up to 2030;
  • to take an active part in adaptation of Ukrainian legislation in the sphere of road and transportation to legislation of the European Union;
  • to involve the members of the TAU to execution of international scientific projects HORIZON-2020, ERASMUS+КА1, ERASMUS+КА2 within the frame of supporting European integration processes;
  • to create an English version of a Wikipedia page of the TAU;
  • to announce the third competition for the best scientific work.

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