Implementation of the Erasmus+ programme for the NTU Executive Staff with the University of Almería

On June 17-10, 2019,  within a week of Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility: for the NTU Executive Staff a staff member of the University of Almería International Department, Anastasiia Butovska visited National Transport University. On the first day of mobility, a meeting with Vice-Rector for Academic Work, Prof. Oleksandr Hryshchuk and the Dean of the Faculty of Management, Logistics and Tourism, Prof. Olena Bakulich was organized. During the meeting the purpose of the visit and the prospects for further cooperation were discussed.

The main objectives defined by this mobility are the following:

– a personal meeting with the partner university staff and creating new contacts with all the departments involved in the successful implementation of future mobility;

– a review of  all the benefits of collaboration with the University of Almeria: research areas, previous projects results, etc .;

– discussing various aspects related to the mobility and cooperation mechanisms, selection procedures, academic recognition, etc.;

– dissemination of project results on the national and international scale;

– studying  the country and the partner university, as well as the services offered to foreign students to transfer this knowledge to potential candidates and academic coordinators at the University of Almeria, etc.

Within the framework of implementation of the agreed mobility plan, with the participation of the Heads of the Faculty of Management, Logistics and Tourism Departments, staff members responsible for international activities and students  the presentations on the University of Almeria and National Transport University were organized.

After discussing the issues of further cooperation between the universities, an excursion to the Faculty of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering laboratories was organized: the laboratories of engines and vehicles testing, Vehicle Scientific and Training Center, NTU-MOTUL , the Scientific Training Production Complex  as well as Road Machines Scientific and Training Center.

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