Diploma award ceremony for Master’s Degree graduates of Transport and Information Technologies Faculty

Diploma award ceremony took place on January 31st, 2019 at the Faculty of Transport and Information Technologies which was held in the conference room of National Transport University. It’s an extremely important and exciting event for both the graduates and teaching staff. Hearty congratulations, ingenuous smiles, happiness and pride for the achievements, pleasant words said to the teachers created a touching and festive atmosphere.

Congratulatory speech was delivered to the graduates by the Vice-Rector for Academic Work on behalf of National Transport University Rector, Professor Dmytrychenko M. F. He noted that it was merely a first conscious step towards professional advancement and career growth.

The Dean of the Faculty Danchuk V.D. remarked that the Faculty staff is proud of their graduates’ accomplishments and achievements.

Sincere congratulations were also expressed by the Head of the International and Customs Affairs Department Prokudin G.S. who hoped that graduates are prospective professionals who will be able to take effective decisions at every stage of their future accomplishments and interesting discoveries. The Head of Information Systems and Technologies Department Havrylenko V.V. wished every graduate to have a successful career path, sound health and implementation of their creative plans.

It’s worth pointing out that this year 135 graduates got their Master’s degrees, with 28 of them having their diplomas with honors.

We wish you all the best in all your matters and persistence in upgrading your skills, thinking creatively and looking for answers to hard questions which you’ll encounter during your lifetime.

May you be kind, happy, healthy and prosperous!

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