Diploma award ceremony for Master Degree graduates of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering Faculty

In a festive atmosphere a  diploma award ceremony for Automotive and Mechanical Engineering Faculty for Master’s degree graduates was held on February 1st, 2019 in National Transport University.

The examination boards dealing with the Mechanical Engineering Faculty considered 143 Master’s theses and 76 of which got excellent grades, 60 got good grades and 7 got satisfactory grades.

According to the university educational outcomes and excellent diploma theses defence 32 graduates were awarded diplomas with Honors.

Vice-Rector, Professor Biliakovych M.O., Dean of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Professor Mateichyk V.P., Admission Commission Executive Secretary, Professor Philipova C.A., heads of other departments were present at the ceremony

Slender and mature young men and beautiful tender girls had mixed feelings as, on the one hand, they were happy to finally have been awarded with their desired diplomas and their sense of freedom was well mingled with intervening years memories, separation from the university friends and being excited about meeting the future. But this day will be one of the happiest for them.

We wish our dear graduates good health and happiness, patience and resilience, inspiration and luck as well as faith in own abilities, confidence and the ability to set goals and make them true.

You are facing the infinite future and may each of you find the place and achieve success. You are always welcome to visit your alma mater – National Transport University.

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