Diploma award ceremony for Master Degree graduates of Faculty of Management, Logistics and Tourism.

In a solemn atmosphere the Faculty of Management, Logistics and Tourism held the Diploma award ceremony on January 31st, 2019 which took place in the assembly hall of National Transport University. Fifty-four students out of 170 graduates were awarded Diplomas with honors and received Rector’s gratitude for their high grades and achievements in academic activities.

On behalf of National Transport University Rector, Professor Dmytrychenko M. F. the warmest greetings were conveyed by Vice-Rector for Academic Work Hryshchuk O. K. Congratulatory speeches were also made by the Dean of the Faculty,Professor Bakulich O. O., the heads of the administering departments, professors  Lozhachevska O. M., Vorkut T. A., Bazyliuk A. V., Tsypko V. V. and the Faculty deputy dean Zaiats O. V. The graduates were wished good health and achievement of their ambitions. They are also expected not to forget their teachers and alma mater.

In her turn Oliynyk Anastasiia (majoring in Organisations and Administration Management) returned thanks to all the faculty and university administration members.

May your journey through life be successful!

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