The act of charity called ‘To Be Side by Side’

On June 14, 2018 within the frame of the act of charity called ‘To Be Side by Side’ there was organized a visit to  Mriia Pereiaslavhchyny Orphanage, which is situated in the village of Tsybli, Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi District of Kyiv Region.

All people who care have joined this activity: senior university officers, university lecturers, students and university staff.

The director and employees of the orphanage welcomed the delegation from National Transport University, conducted an excursion, told the history of the establishment, and, of course, introduced the children to the delegation members.

It was lovely to hear that the children had bright dreams, but it was sad to hear the stories of their childhood. We cannot change these sad memories in their lives, but we can help them feel the useful members of the society; give them our attention, warmth and unforgettable emotions. Happiness and joy of the children were boundless, while they were eating delicious sweets, they especially loved the cake baked by the confectioners of the students’ canteen of NTU.

The children happily checked the presents, among which were clothes, stationery, toys, books, etc., and this joy in their eyes proved that we were doing everything correctly and not in vain.

It is necessary to continue such activities to warm children’s hearts with love.

Thank you all! Let’s help children together!

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