Working meeting of the bilateral project executives at Paderborn University

On June, 9-14, 2017 the working group of the executives of the Ukrainian-German bilateral project ‘Contributing to the integration of research, teaching and innovation at the National Transport University of Kyiv’ (CIREI) visited  Paderborn University in order to analyze and compare existing coordination systems and structures of research and innovative activities, transfer of technology and implementation of the results of research and development activities  into educational process at Paderborn University and National Transport University.

The participants of the meeting

  • presented the results of analysis of the existing coordination system of research and development and innovation activity, transfer of technology and implementation of research and development results into educational process at National Transport University to the project group of Paderborn University;
  • got to know the structures of Paderborn University which work in this sphere;
  • created in cooperation with German colleagues working groups and developed a preliminary scheme for creation and functioning of conceptual structures and events at NTU.

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