Dear colleagues! We invite you to join the open online lectures and practical classes that will take place in the framework of the international project SmaLog

Lectures will be held by Professors from Tor Vergata University, Rome, Italy

– Professor Antonio Сomi,

– Professor Umberto Crisalli,

– Professor Antonio Polimeni


Target audience – masters and PhD students, as well as teachers and researchers in the city urban logistics area.


language – English



Date Time Topic Link
15.06.21 11:00 Transport systems: static simulation

Zoning and O/D matrix (exercises) (lecture)

12:30 Supply network: notions


16.06.21 11:00 Path choice models

Assignment models (elements)

Path Choice and Assignment

(practical classes)

12:30 Origin-Destination matrix forecasting


17.06.21 11:00 Urban freight transport modelling:

·         Quantity and Delivery O/D matrices

·         Vehicle O/D matrices

(practical classes)

18.06.21 11:00 Random Utility Models

Example of Logit calibration



We are waiting for you!

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