Reporting and Election Conference of the Trade Union Organization at National Transport University

On September 27, 2019 a reporting and election conference of the primary trade union organization of the employees of National Transport University took place.  177 representatives of all structural units were nominated to be conference delegates.

The report on the activity of the trade union committee for the previous last five years and the report of the Audit Commission were presented.

During the discussion, the floor was given to the Prof. Mykola Dmytrychenko, the Rector of National Transport University, who positively assessed the activity of the trade union. The conference passed the resolution to consider the work of the trade union satisfactory.

The conference delegates elected the Head of the trade union of National Transport University and the Deputy Head. By the results of open voting, Volodymyr Kuchtyk was elected the Head of the Trade Union of National Transport University and Alla Korovina was elected the Deputy Head.

The members of the trade union committee, who had been delegated on a pro-rata basis from each structural unit, were elected. The trade union committee is composed of Yurii Varfolomieiev, Anna Kharchenko, Ivan Lavryk, Svitlana Urenova, Nataliia Poleva, Inna Danilenko, Nadiia Romanova, Alla Malytska, Oleksii Omelianovych, Oleksii Kushch, Yevheniia Hrebelnyk, Liudmyla Zhydkova.

The members of the Audit Commission were also elected. In accordance with voting results Inna Zimina, Tamara Dudka, Liudmyla Lozova became elected members of the Audit Commission.

A wish to have further fruitful collaboration between the Administration and Trade Union was expressed.

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