2nd PMS meeting devoted to Smart Transport and Logistics for Cities (SmaLog) project, Rome, Italy.

On May 29–31 the University held the 2nd coordination meeting of the managers of Smart Transport and Logistics for Cities (SmaLog) project.

Three days were full of interesting and productive work, lively discussions and effective solutions.


The main issues of the meeting were:

– discussion of the current state of the project areas

– development of the EU UA-GE joint Master’s program

– prospects for co-educational and dual studies at POLITECHNIKA SLASKA (Poland) and HOCHSCHULE WISMAR (Germany) for Ukrainian and Georgian university students.


Such representatives of National Transport University as Dr. Kunytska O. M. and Dr.Yanishevskyi S. V., the Department of Transport Systems and Road Safety, gave a brief overview of the development of a distance learning course entitled UA & GE University SmaLog System – Further Training for Teachers. According to the Smart Transport and Logistics for Cities (SmaLog) project National Transport University holds responsibility for the development and implementation of this course.


You can find more information on the Smart Transport and Logistics for Cities (SmaLog) project at http://smalog-2017.uniroma2.it/

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