On April 1, 2017 the University held another Open Day

On April 1, 2017 National Transport University once again welcomed all guests who wanted to learn more about the University, the university majors and the peculiarities of the entrance campaign in 2017.

In the gala hall of the University prospective applicants met First Vice-Rector, Prof. Biliakovych M.O., Dean of the Faculty of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Mateichyk V. P., Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Transport Construction, Assistant Lecturer Tsybulskyi V. M., Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Law, Senior Lecturer Kryvenko O. K., Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Transport and Information Technologies, Associate Professor Herzhod H. I., Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Management, Logistics and Tourism, Assistant Lecturer Zaiats O. V., Admissions Committee Secretary, Prof. Filipova H.A and representatives of administering departments.

First Vice-Rector, Prof. Biliakovych M.O. spoke about the history of the University, presented a brief overview of the university majors, emphasizing their importance for the economy of Ukraine. He also spoke about the cooperation of the University with the world’s largest manufacturers of cars and road construction equipment. Then First Vice-Rector gave the floor to Admissions Committee Secretary, Prof. Filipova H.A who focused on the main Regulations on Admission to Higher Educational Institutions and the details of the entrance campaign in 2017. As the vast majority of the guests on that day were prospective college graduates, they were especially interested in the peculiarities of admission to the University of those who have the Junior Specialist’s degree.

After that, as a matter of routine, the guests had a chance to communicate with the faculty representatives as well as to tour the University.

What interesting things did the visitors to the University see?

The guests together with Dean of the Faculty of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Mateichyk V. P. visited the research laboratory of the Department of Automobiles which is unique as almost all the test stands and machines were created by the Department staff.

Head of laboratory, Novitskyi M. A. is meeting the guests.

A unique stand for the study of elastic wheel rolling parameters.

Prospective applicants and their mothers are listening attentively to Novitskyi M. A.

установка для дослідження робочих процесів незалежної підвіски та рульового керування легкового автомобіля

A unique machine for the study of independent suspension and steering mechanisms.

A machine structure

Switching on a laser measuring instrument and watching the scale located on top of the ceiling to increase the accuracy of measuring small angles that  characterize  suspension work.

обладнання, надане фірмами-виробниками автомобілів або виробниками засобів для їх експлуатації та досліджень

Equipment provided by vehicle manufacturers or producers of research equipment

In the foreground there is a modular element for the test model of a road train which can be converted into a two-wheel trailer, a multiple wheel trailer or a long-wheelbase semi-trailer on the roadtrain dolly with modular element steering wheels. The equipment presented to the University by JOSAM international company, the manufacturer and supplier of devices for measuring and regulating wheel alignment angles and an axle position as well as geometrical parameters of motor vehicles, is used to monitor the geometrical parameters of a semitrailer truck chassis while doing research.

In the background one can see a stand for the study of the air-pressure assisted brake and ABS. This equipment was presented to the University by WABCO, a leading supplier of electronic technologies for load carrier vehicles, buses, trailers and semitrailers steering systems.

At present the Department  is engaged in the development of hybrid, electric and all-wheel steering cars. The department staff have designed an all-wheel steering car with a hybrid power train derived from DANA ZAZ-1105 cars. One of the visitors imagined himself being a driver of this unusual vehicle.

Some facts from the history of the Department.

The research at the Department of Automobiles has been carried out since 1945, and the Department scholarly traditions in the field of vehicle traction and rolling stock are well known on the national and international scale.

The laboratory has a lot to offer to true motorists and creative people!

The Department encourages students to do research from the beginning of their studies at the University, which gives them an opportunity not only to participate in scientific conferences, competitions and Olympiads but to win prizes on a regular basis.

The next University Open Day will be held on 8 April.

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