On April 8, the University held another Open Day

In the gala hall of the University prospective applicants met First Vice-Rector, Prof. Biliakovych M.O., Vice-Rector for Academic Work, Prof. Hryshchuk O.K., Dean of the Faculty of Transport and Information Technologies, Prof. Danchuk V. D., Dean of the Faculty of Management, Logistics and Tourism, Prof. Bakulich O.O., Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, Associate Prof. Tsiuman M. P. , Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Transport Construction, Senior Lecturer Prokopchuk N. A., Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Law, Associate Prof. Yarova R. V., Admissions Committee Secretary, Prof. Filipova H.A, representatives of administering departments and Student Self-Government.

Vice-Rector for Academic Work, Prof. Hryshchuk O.K. spoke about the history of the University and presented a brief overview of the university majors. Professor Filipova H.A. focused on the details of the entrance campaign in 2017.

After that the guests met the faculty representatives. And those who were interested in the Faculty of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering majors got a chance to have an exciting tour of the Department of Engines and Thermal Engineering and laboratories of the Department of Motor Vehicles as well as the university Motor Vehicle Scientific Training Center organized by Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, Associate Prof. Tsiuman M. P.

The display of construction machinery used at the practicals and during industrial training by the students majoring in Elevating, Road, Construction, Land-reclamation Machines and Equipment was in the spotlight on that day.

It was not the first time that the guests could see the display of this machinery. On March 25, when the University held Open Day, Construction Machinery Ltd (CML) company exhibited such equipment. And on April 8, Caterpillar Company represented by Zeppelin Ukraine Company, a NTU partner, displayed its machinery.

Caterpillar Company manufactures a wide range of machines, two of which – a side loader and a mini-excavator – were shown to the visitors.

Head of the Department of Road Building Machines, Prof. Musiiko pointed out that their students are taught to design such machines, which gives graduates with a high level of theoretical and practical training obvious advantages while applying for the job in future.

Despite rainy weather the prospective applicants had a great opportunity to have a close look at advanced machinery and its functions.

All guests could examine the structure and performance specifications of the displayed machines and see how easy and comfortable it is to operate them.

The Department of Motor Vehicles staff continued to speak about the peculiarities of training specialists in designing, testing, inspecting and certifying motor vehicles.

Razboinikov O. O., a former graduate from the Faculty of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering and a young department engineer, is meeting the guests in the Department laboratory.

The laboratory is equipped with machinery for displaying the structure of an automobile and researching its working data.

The visitors were shown a stand for the study of elastic wheel rolling and suspension kinematics, a hybrid all-wheel steering vehicle as well as a modular element for the test model of a road train.

The guests attention was also drawn to the simulation experiment stands and the device for identifying modern vehicle friction clutch made by the University students.

A powerplant, Audi multi-link suspension and a hydromechanical transmission aroused intense interest among the guests.

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