On March 25, 2017 the University held another Open Day

In the gala hall of the University prospective applicants together with their parents, grandparents, younger sisters and brothers met First Vice-Rector, Professor Biliakovych M.O.,Vice-Rector for Academic Work, Professor Hryshchuk O.K., Dean of the Faculty of Transport Construction, Professor Slavinska O.S., Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Law, Professor Bondar N.M., Dean of the Faculty of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, Professor Mateichyk V. P.,  Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Transport and Information Technologies, Associate Professor Hlushakova O. V.,  Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Management, Logistics and Tourism, Associate Professor Shcherbakova N. O., Admissions Committee Secretary, Professor Filipova H.A and representatives of administering departments.

Having listened to Professor Hryshchuk O.K. who spoke about the University in general and Professor Filipova H.A. who focused on the details of the entrance campaign in 2017, the visitors had a chance to talk about the university majors and Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees Curricula with the faculty representatives.

The guests also visited the University laboratories and computer classes.

The display of motor vehicle units and systems in the laboratory of the Department of Motor Vehicles and the machine used for studying the kinematics of a motor vehicle suspension aroused intense interest among the guests. In the laboratory of the Department of Engines and Thermal Engineering they got interested in the internal combustion engines mounted on the test stands to investigate power-ecological characteristics of engines.

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