Field trip to Bortnytska aeration plant

Ecology students of NTU visited the Bortnytska aeration plant within the framework of studying the following subjects: Water Quality and Methods of Its Improvement; and Rationing of Anthropogenic Impact on the Environment.

During the field trip the students were told about the main operational characteristics of some sewage treatment facilities, their operating regimes and technological characteristics.  The students also learnt about some methods of sewage treatment. The excursion was interesting and informative.

The students got added evidence that the aeration plant required modernization. The state of the main structures of the plant is rated as critical due to significant operational life (about 50 years). The sewage treatment facilities require immediate reconstruction, major overhaul; some of the facilities are out of order. This fact raises serious concerns since water quality has a dramatic impact on our health as well as on the entire environment.

We would like to express our gratitude to the event manager for the opportunity to get familiar with the plant daily operation and be convinced once again that anthropological impact on the environment requires continuous monitoring and we cannot stay away from the environmental issues.

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