Сoncert Competition for the Talented Youth of the Faculty of Transport Construction

On November 2, 2017 the gala hall of the University hosted a concert competition for the talented youth of the Faculty of Transport Construction. The top students of the faculty Kutsenko Mariya and Plytus Rostyslav had the privilege of emceeing the event.

The competition jury was composed of Vice-Rector for Academic Work, Prof. Hryshchuk O.K., Dean of the Faculty of Transport Construction, Prof. Slavinska O.S., Deputy Deans of the Faculty Tsybul’s’kyy V.M., Kondryukova I.O as well as the Head of Student and Postgraduate Student Union Kushch O. I.

The counting board represented by students Sipko V. and Pisenko V. calculated the competition jury’s rates.

The jury selected the best performances, namely, B’et Byt song by Ostroverkha Yana (RC-III-1), juggling by Velytchenko Oleksiy (RC-III-1), performance Examination by  the students of GLU-II-1 group, I am the Country Myself song by Kutsenko Mariya( ELIP- III-1), a dance battle between Skoropads’kyy Viktor (CCE-II-1t) and  Makabula Sofiya (CCE-II-1) etc. Skoropads’kyy Viktor and Makabula Sofiya were chosen as participants in Mr and Mrs of NTU competition. The jury members also announced the most active academic group. Then the winners were awarded such prizes as cinema tickets, gift certificates for visiting a go-kart track, a bowling alley, a skating rink, billiards, etc.

In the end, Dean of the Faculty of Transport Construction, Prof. Slavinska O.S. expressed her gratitude to Specialist School № 96 named after Antonov, twelve pupils of which demonstrated an incredible dancing talent.

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