NTU Motorcycle Team has won Motocross Cup of Ukraine for the second year running.

It is said the Cup is easier to be won than to be held. Rector of National Transport University, Mykola Fedorovych Dmytrychenko wished racers success in the following sports season and his words turned out to be prophetic.

A record number of teams wanted to take part in Motocross Cup-Final of Ukraine this year. NTU Motorcycle Team consisting of ten racers demonstrated great results in motocross competition in Bucha, Kyiv region.

10 classes of motor cycles were selected after 10 races (50 cm3, 65 cm3, 85 cm3 “PO” Class, Women Class, Hobby Class, MX2 Class, Open Class, and Veteran Class).

Danylo Sitak won the second prize in 65cm3 Class; Valeriia Mishyna won the first prize in Women Class; Kostiantyn Utkin was the first in Veteran Class; NTU student Dmytro Asmanov, a prize winner of lots of European Motocross Championships, a master of sports of international class won the second prize in Open Class.

Unfortunately, Dmytro fell off the motorcycle at the start and was the last to begin the race. However, he was strong enough to overtake almost all racers and he managed to finish the second. In the second race Dmytro finished the first by a large margin. NTU Motorcycle Team took the first prize in Motocross Cup-Final of Ukraine once again. It is a great gift on the 75th anniversary of the University.

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