Festive Contest for the Talented Youth of the Faculty of Transport and Information Technologies

On October 31, 2018 the gala hall of National Transport University hosted a festive concert – Check-in FTIT contest. One could feel an incredible atmosphere thanks to the photo zone created for the first time in the framework of the competition among the groups of our faculty.

The concert was devoted to a professional holiday – the Motorist’s Day. It was started by Alina Lazarenko, the student of TT -1-1 group, who skillfully introduced our faculty and the future professions. Roman Korniienko, the student of  CS-III-1 group, elected by the members of the jury as ‘Mister of the Faculty of Transport and Information Technologies 2018’, Bohdan Kuschenko, the student of  TT-2-1 group and Bohdan Yaroshenko, the student of CS -1-2 group were the hosts of the concert.

Senior students started the concert with Lifehack performance, accompanied by a video-search of the lecture hall at the university, which was a kind of tips for the first year students.Talented young people began their journey with an internship in Poland, singing the song Uptown Fank, which was performed by Andriy Romash (PR-2-2 group), Myroslava Zakusylo (TT-2-2tech group) and Maryna Tyshkevych (TT-3 -4 group).

The students started their internship in the capital of Austria to the sound of Mozart’s Requiem, which was brilliantly performed by Oleh Rozhok (TT-2-2tech group) and Bohdan Makeienko (TT-3-2 group).

Travelling around the world, the students visited Japan with its advanced information technologies.

Andrii Romash and Samira Abbasova shot an incredible love story in Australia, which was the highlight of the concert.

Doing an internship at Sorbonne in Paris,  the most romantic city, students  created a fantastic atmosphere in the gala hall being cool street musicians. Roman Hodoniuk, Karina Radchenko and Maryna Tyshkevych played the accordion.

Inspired by this atmosphere, every woman in the gala hall received a rose from the male representatives of our university.

While travelling in the US, students went to Hollywood, filming a video for the song Director, and took part in New York street hip hop battles.

Having paid a visit to Canada, the country with the largest Ukrainian diaspora,

the students pointed out that the grass is always greener on the other side of a fence, but we are everywhere. And Olesia Vetukh (ТТ-1-1 group), elected by the members of the jury as ‘Miss of the Faculty of Transport and Information Technologies 2018’, proved the truth of this proverb by her performance.

Finally, the students returned to Ukraine and continued their internship in their Motherland. Kravtsov Oleksandr (ТТ-2-1tech ) appeared to be a really talented Ukrainian student, who wrote music and his own rap-texts, and who was able to impress every spectator with his energy and strong spirit.

Students also visited Nadvirna with its magic atmosphere of St. John the Baptist holiday created by Inna Petriva (TT-1-3tech), Olesia Vetukh and Myroslava Zakusylo.

The heart of every spectator was filled with the magic sounds of Karina Radchenko’s piano and Bohdan Makeienko’s solo guitar. Roman Rozhok impressed the spectators with the unusual sound of the West African drum jumbo.

Sooner or later, all roads lead to Kiev. And this hero city  has gathered talented students from all over Ukraine, having united them by Tetiana Romakh’s ( Ds-1-1 group) song Ukraine. We are all different, but we are united by love to our Motherland.

And the concert finished with  Sansara song, sung by all participants to the sounds of Bohdan Makeienko’s solo guitar. The participants got a standing ovation!

It is worth saying that rehearsals and concert performances have taken place thanks to the art director Tetiana Hennadiivna Anufriieva. The event ended with the greetings of Vice-Rector for Academic Work, Prof. Hryshchuk O.K. and Dean of the Faculty of Transport and Information Technologies, Prof. Danchuk V. D., who presented all participants of the festive concert with the cups having the faculty logo on them.

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